No longer a Limousine Service  - now "ride share"              "Get there the Cool Way!"


CoolRides Classic  Car presents a one of a kind service providing the best services available at competitive affordable prices.
CoolRides offers a safe, prompt and reliable service, the key to our success.


. 1959 convertible Cadillac - THE CRUISER - 5 passengers + chauffeur = 6 total           { Roof up or down upon request }

. 1957 Pontiac Super Chief - THE LOUDSTER - 5 passengers + chauffeur = 6 total                                      

In addition CoolRides offers everything you would expect in a professional transportation company.

. State of the art vehicle maintenance 
. Serviced regularly to meet the Queensland Transport Standard (QTS)
. Personalized customer service
. Flight watch inbound and outbound
. Dossier of customer needs / profile
. 24 - hour in house dispatch
. Responsive short notice service {local and long distance}
. Total Queensland coverage
. Dedicated to improving the transportation industry
. Queensland Accredited operator
. Active in local community service

Every successful business originates with a single vision. Whatever the cornerstone is to your success, let CoolRides Limousines express it - with a style that extends your individuality, identity, character and beauty.

Whenever you are travelling on CoolRides Classic Car service you can depend on CoolRides.

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