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"Get there the Cool Way"


The '59 Caddy has it all -- looks, style, performance and comfort. It stands out as the ultimate symbol of success, impressive and beautiful the outrageous tail fins and jet pod taillights evoke a "love it" attitude with the public.

One of the most striking impressions one gets from inside the '59 Cadillac is a marvelous feeling of space and openness.

The ride is so smooth you will feel like you're riding on a cushion of air. Sit back and relax on the soft leather seats and enjoy the view.

They don’t make 'em like this anymore. Motoring Majesty.

"Get there the Cool Way"

  1957 PONTIAC  SUPER CHIEF - A  Classic cairns car hire

The 1957 Pontiac - model - Super Chief - is the loudest of the fleet, it shouts "Happy Days" all over inside and out. Soon to be painted the same colour as the Cadillac.

The legendary style and shape of thIs car turns heads before people even see it as it rumbles down the road, iconic of Australia’s motoring history with a lasting impression and nostalgia being one of the original muscle cars of Australia.

It was made by General Motors for Australian delivery back in 1957, meticulously maintained, all our vehicles meet all state Government regulations and are accredited by the Queensland Department of Transport. This car is now the same colour as the red Cadillac above is now  available for weddings,Tours and a special purpose Limousine.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CAR IS NOW THE SAME COLOUR AS THE CADILLAC, and they look great together.

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